Oregon and California

Oregon and California

Steve and I met up in Portland, Oregon on June 17th and spent a few days checking out the city. We then began our journey by biking to Astoria, at which point we joined up with the Pacific Coast Bicycle Route (using the book "Bicycling the Pacific Coast: A Complete Route Guide Canada to Mexico" as our guide). 1,000 miles later, we arrived in San Francisco on July 8th hung out there until July 15th.

We biked about 50 miles per day, resting about every 5 days, and stayed at "hiker-biker" camp sites which regularly dotted the coastal route. Here is my gear list and our list of expenses.

Overall, it was an amazing experience. The one thing that would have made it better was if we had a few people to stay with throughout our trip -- it would have broken the monotony of setting up and taking down camp every day and cooking our meals on the stove at the camp site, and given us something to look forward to and break up the blocks of cycling. For example, it was awesome staying with Ellie in San Francisco.

Steve's excellent narrative log of the trip.